• Blockchain
    entrusted system
    to monitor, accellerate
    & validate
    your next
    construction mission
  • Full project
    istant control
    of production
    and quality
  • Business ecosystems
    that really work


BUILD TRUST has the ambition of making all information in the entire value chain of the Construction Industry available on a permissioned Blockchain, thus unleashing a huge number of use cases and applications ranging from real-time project control and monitoring, instant quantity production and quality control tracking, real-time financial tracking, payment and transaction transparency,

to worker and community safety and overall project sustainability.

This will significantly improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the entire industry for all. In this way all the participants of the Construction Ecosystem will have access to a trusted and immutable source of information that they individually and collectively need to successfully
execute and complete their obligations.



  • What are the problems we want to solve?

    The Construction Industry, with its complexity, is showing a significant delay compared to many other business sectors with regards to automation and productivity improvement. As a consequence the profitability of the companies acting in this area of business are adversely affected.

  • What are the reasons as to why these problems exist?

    The origin of the problems finds its roots in the difficult definition of a sound value of each project, so that the awarding process is based on the minimum price ratio. In this way projects are driven inevitably towards schedule delays and rising costs because of unknown and underestimated risk and variations.

  • Why nobody has been able to solve such problems?

    The contraposition of owners and purchasers looking for the minimum price and the competition among the contractors and suppliers aiming to obtain contracts primarily on low cost alone, is an obstacle to the adoption of transparent and rational criteria to recognize the right value of a project.



The Construction Industry ecosystem is an example of complexity because of the number of actors participating and the wideness of all interests to be defended. Sharing data and records within a safe and reliable repository digital entity allows the transparent combination and regulation of all contributions from each participant.








    The Build Trust idea was born on the experience gained in over 50 years industrial activity for designing and manufacturing construction automated equipment which have been adopted within the most important infrastructural projects of the world, in combination with the know how of very valuable project managers who have directed the construction of the same projects, as well as the knowledge of digital experts who are driving the information technology revolution in the area of BIM – IoT – Blockchain.


    The mission is to “illuminate” the construction industry thanks to virtual modelling and planning, together with transparent data sharing.


Jane Doe

Federico Furlani

is Managing Director at SIMEM Group an international company specialized in concrete mixing systems and environmental systems. Over last 25 years the company has been developing with branches in America, Canada, Russia and India. SIMEM solutions have been adopted into major projects around the world such as Renaissance Hydropower Project, Panama Canal Expansion, etc. He is Founder of the BUILD TRUST Digital innovation start-up.

Jim Doe

Christopher Hicks

Has more than 25 years of experience working on civil engineering construction projects, including hydroelectric and RCC dam projects. He has worked on projects in North, South, and Central America, as well as Africa and Asia. He has used BIM methods for planning and executing projects in various degrees starting with very early solid modeling techniques, to very recent techniques involving Augmented and Virtual Reality, as well as game engine based modeling and interaction.

Sue Smith

Stefano Gelain

worked for more than 6 years in the technology consulting services in PwC Italia. Started as a data scientist, he then became the head of the Analytics division, where he managed the development of analytical and big data platforms. Stefano has a master’s degree in physics, as well as an MBA. Before joining PwC, he worked as a physics researcher in two international experiments (at CERN and Fermilab).


Benjamin Franklin